he rich liturgies at the Church of the Good Shepherd require a host of volunteers, who are members of the following guilds or ministries. Membership is at the invitation of the Rector or the leader of the Guild. When undertaken faithfully, each duty is indeed a form of worship, and a gift from the volunteer. Everyone’s contribution helps to create an overall environment committed to the greater glory of God.

† The Acolytes
Ideally acolytes serve at every service. In the more elaborate liturgies, they carry crosses and torches and thuribles in procession. It is their responsibility to assist the celebrant during the Eucharist, and all other services in which they participate. As an extension and in cooperation with the Altar Guild, they help set-up and clean-up the sanctuaryl before and after each service.

† The Altar Guild
The members of the Altar Guild assist the Clergy by preparing the High Altar, the Lady Chapel Altar, as well as the Church for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist or other liturgies. They are also responsible for the proper care and storing of the linen, silver, vestments and all other liturgical supplies and accoutrements in support of the worship life of the parish.

† The Lector Guild
The ministry of the Lectors is an important part of liturgy. Lectors understand that they are participating in the Liturgy. They read the Lessons on Sundays, during special weekday services, and other designated times. Reading of the Scriptures is their gift to God.

† The Ushers
The ushers welcome the parishioners, guests and newcomers at the church doors and help them find what they need in order to prepare themselves for worship; distributing service leaflets, assisting in the seating of the congregation, gathering the offering, and guiding parishioners and guests to and from their pews when necessary. Most of all, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me” is the responsibility and joy of all the parish family, but especially the ushers.