small-nativity-3No matter who you are,  or what your age or stage in life or your journey in faith, you are welcome here. Our mission is, in the setting of a rich liturgical and musical tradition, we seek to know Christ and make Him known on the Main Line of Philadelphia and beyond. 

We are an Episcopal Church in the “Anglo-Catholic” tradition. This means that we are part of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Church of England was formed when the Church in England established independence from the Bishop of Rome — The Pope —  in the 16th Century. The catholic tradition survived the breach with Rome and experienced a renewal and  revival in the early 19th Century — known as the Anglo Catholic or “Oxford” Movement. Daily services and the early mass on Sunday are simple and “said”. The High Mass on Sunday is very ornate, sung, and of the highest level of ritual. Good Shepherd has, since 1869, been a place where the best of Catholic tradition and open-ness of the reformation co-exist. 

If you would like to be part of helping to build on a rich heritage and create something new and exciting where everyone is valued and every person is welcomed as if he or she was Christ Himself…..this might be the place for you.

Fr Ian B. Montgomery, Priest-in-Charge